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We can help you to get in touch with Swedens 290

municipalities and 20 regions

Tourism  and the visiting industry 

Are you thinking about visiting Sweden?  There are many beautiful places to visit. Here you can information to all the municipalities in Sweden.

Thinking about starting a business in Sweden or expanding your business to Sweden? The trade and industry infrastructure is well developed in Sweden.

Sweden has a huge labor demand for the coming years. Until 2025 an estimated 500 000 job positions need to be undertaken in the public sector. Here you can find information about job openings in all the municipalities.

Are you thinking about studying in Sweden? Here you can find information about education in municipalities in Sweden respectively.


Find information about housing, schools, and leasure in all the municipalities in Sweden. Do some research in advance. In Sweden information is easy to come by online. 

Feel free to contact any municipality. All of them are willing to discuss prerequisites for collaboration. Most people in Sweden speak fairly good English

Here you can find information about job openings in all the municipalties. Sort by region and municipality.  

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The public procurement law framework, in Sweden,  is efficient and legally certain, and upholds sound market competition. Here you can find procurement documentation in all the municipalities.

Here you can find genereal contact information, press cintacts as well as contact do decision makers.

Need guiding? Feel free to contact us regarding trade and industry collaboration.

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